Somethings Don’t Always Go According To Plan

Greeting Everyone,

On September 21, 2019, I decided to visit Jordan Creek for the first time. I have been living in Des Moines for almost a year now, but I haven’t done much exploring. This is mainly because of my school commitments, work, and extracurricular activities. I also do not own a driver’s license. Thus my main form of transportation is by bike or bus.
Once every blue moon I have a whole day off, and September 21, was one of those days. I woke up this Saturday morning and wondered, “What am I going to do today”? On a whim, I decided to go to Jordan Creek. On my way there I had board one bus to take me downtown, and then board a second one that would take me to Jordan Creek. But the funny thing is I fell asleep on the first bus and missed my stop. I woke up and requested the bus to stop. I got off and sprinted to the stop I needed to be at to catch the second one. One block away, and I see the 57th bus pass by. Boom, I missed my bus.
This wasn’t the first time I missed a bus by a hair. The 57th bus was going to take more than forty minutes to pass by again. I looked in google maps to find a different stop where the bus would arrive earlier. I began walking to the new bus stop that I found. It was only a few blocks away, and I had about thirty minutes until the bus arrived, so I didn’t mind.
My phone continuously sent me a notification to update it as I was walking. I was having a lot of issues with my phone that day that I though updating it would be the best thing to do. Then it began to rain hard, and I had to find a place with a roof because I did not have my umbrella. I end up sitting on a bench outside a bank. The rain was pleasant to hear, and the blowing wind was refreshing. My phone was still updating, and all I had in my bag was my mother’s camera. So I decided to take it out and took several photos.
I remained silent and took the time to observe my surroundings. At this point, I was able to do a lot of deep thinking. I realized that it is always easy to get caught up in the moment, or it is easy to get trapped in your little world. Sometimes we want everything to be consistent and run smoothly. But it ok if things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes you may find something better. One of my main mottos is we’ll play it by year. At the end of the day, I was able to go to Jordan Creek for a bit. But the highlight of my day was sitting on a bench in downtown taking photos.
Next time something doesn’t go according to plan, just sit down and appreciate your surroundings. I have attached the best photos I took that day. Below are some links to locations that I believe you would find relaxing and enjoy your surroundings.

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