About Me

Who am I?

My age, race, nationality, and name answers the question of what am I.
Who am I? I am a human being, a man with respect, morals, and virtues. These things make me a person, which makes me a better individual.


This is Juan Carlos Jaimes Jr. Juan Carlos is a current student studying Digital Media Production and Theater at Drake University. Juan Carlos is a Hispanic male who traveled from San Antonio Texas to Des Moines Iowa to diversify himself as much as much as possible. He has face many challenges that have thought him valuable lessons. He continues to remain humble and help those around him. For he has learned that giving to others without the thought of receiving anything in return will repay him in the future ten fold.


Jun Carlos was enrolled in Catholic School until highschool. He was attending St.john Benchman’s Catholic school until 8th grade. He graduated and proceeded to attend St. Anthony Catholic High school. After four year he graduated with numerous achievements. Some include being apart of National Honor Society, the Thespian Society, student council, Mu Alpha Theta, the robotics team, choir, and a young oblate.

Now Juan Carlos is attending Drake University with the goal of graduating with a double degree in Digital Media Production and Theater. He transferred 12 credits from his duel enrollment classes and can be considered a second semester sophomore even though this is the beginning of his second year at Drake University.

Related Experience

ESPN Production Crew, Des Moines, IA                      Sep. 2018-Present

Assemble cameras to broadcast Drake University sporting events including volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball. Adjust sound volume ● operate cameras ● edited live footage for replay.


Juan Carlos currently is trilingual. Spanish was his first language, followed by English. In high school, Juan Carlos took Japanese for three years, from freshman year till junior year. His second year at Drake, Juan Carlos decided to enroll in Japanese once more. He is now enrolled in intermediate Japanese and continues to grow each day.

Juan Carlos has experience in the cinematography field. He has participated in a few film competitions in high school, and currently has composed some small video projects for his class. He has also done a few editing projects. All that can be viewed in his portfolio.

Community Engagement

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Iowa Delta Chapter)

Alpha Phi Omega

IMPACT Volunteer

Life Serve Blood Center Blood Donor

Japanese Student Association Treasurer

Motto: “If I have the resources and time to help someone, then I will.” – Juan Carlos