Welcome to my portfolio!

Here you are more than welcome to see all the projects that Juan Carlos has completed up to this point. Juan Carlos’ portfolio is composed of my videography, photography, video performances, theater performances, and class projects.


Juan Carlos was apart of the St.Anthony Catholic High School Robotics’ Team number 3345. In Spring 2018, Juan Carlos recorded his team’s performance in the 2018 Power Up FIRST Robotics Competition. Once he returned home in January 2019, he composed this video to help recruit new members for the organization.


Film Performances

In his Junior year, Juan Carlos asked his professor and the film class if he could join 2016-2017 Can’t Beat Love Youth Contest. He was granted permission and joined the team. Juan Carlos’ role in this was production assistant. This film was composed to raise awareness in cyberbullying, and the team won fifth-place under the short film category.
Juan Carlos was enrolled in a film class his second year of high school. It was a requirement to participate in the Can’t Beat Love Youth Film Contest hosted every February at San Antonio, Texas. Juan Carlos’ class composed a short film in Spanish to raise awareness about teen dating violence and won first place in the foreign language section. One can see Juan Carlos’ role(s) in the ending credits.